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I’m the same — if content doesn’t grab my attention in the first paragraph, I’m off bouncing around the website and probably clicking off quite quickly to look at cat videos or something!


This is true of most people and with the majority of us having attention spans of goldfish, we need copy to grab us and do something different to the average Joe.


My writing keeps people switched on, engaged and ready to jump on that BUY NOW button.


HIRE ME for your blog content, copywriting, ghostwriting, sales copy and product descriptions.


How Can I Benefit You?


  1. Build out your blog section with informative, engaging content filled with naturally occurring keywords to bump you up search engines

  2. Start an email campaign or newsletter to keep new and old clients engaged and aware of your awesome products

  3. Write captivating sales copy and product descriptions your readers just can’t resist

  4. Re-write your website copy to become best friends with Google and get it seen by many more eyes