These are my standard rates, but if budget is an issue please contact me to work out a barter arrangement.

Blog posts

40GBP each, up to 500 words.

35GBP each, 10+ blog posts ordered in the same month.

Home page web copy

Starting at 75GBP

Internal page web copy

Starting at 50GBP

Product descriptions

8GBP each, up to 150 words.

6GBP each, 50+ descriptions ordered in the same month.

Once the articles are paid for they are yours to do with as you please. Claim them as your own or frame them it’s up to you. I will never re-use or re-sell them, I can assure you that.


I send all articles as word documents, unless you’d prefer something else. Just specify your something else and I can change the delivery format to suit your needs.